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Create Tags

Creating tags is a simple process. Go to the “Create Tags” page on Taglynx. Fill out the form that was automatically generated based on your customizations, and click “Create.”
Using this form, you can create tags for the appropriate channels. This Taglynx feature makes creating multiple tags a breeze.

Clicking on “Create Tags,” will send user to the Campaign Setup Page.

The Number of tags indicates the total number of links that need to be tracked. Use the + / – for quantities.

The Destination URLs can be entered manually or “import URLs” is available for batches of URL.

Fill in the rest of the information.

Important: Make sure to select information to track the campaign. Tags including: medium, source, campaign, etc. Any information that is entered into the “Campaign Setup” section will pre-populate the campaign tags. This section is meant to efficiently populate the links (number of tags) to minimize manually entering repeat information.

After clicking on “Create Tags”, the page will refresh and the page “Your Tags Are Ready” will display.

From this page, the user can copy the Short URL (functionality comparable to “bit.ly”), or Long URL individually or, user can select for output based on format.
If more tags are needed, click on Create More.