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Frequently Asked Questions

You can set up a monthly subscription using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Payment options include monthly invoicing OR with an annual contract with upfront payment, you will be eligible for a discounted rate.

Yes, all prices are listed in USD.

Pricing is based on the total number of users. The monthly core cost is associated with the admin account (default).

A user is a named individual who can log into Taglynx using a unique email address. A user can be granted access to your dashboard. You can assign different roles to users such as Editor, Billing, Admin, etc. You can also assign users to custom roles to ensure they only have access to the specific dashboards, and the specific features and functionality they need.

We offer two versions of Taglynx for free to qualified Google Analytics users. If the free tools do not suit your need, contact us to discuss customizations for your Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics accounts.

Yes. You can visit the “View Tags” section to view tracking tags that have already been created. Templates can be shared with other team members too.

The generated tags can be: emailed, export as CSV, export as Excel, export as Text, Refresh Clicks.

This is not a problem! The columns of data (and column title) can be customized for each output (depending on role).

Taglynx has built-in integrations with Bitly, Short Switch, and Google URL Shortener! You can even use your own domain.
Integration with Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Classifications so there is no need to manually import classification files.

Taglynx has a “Whitespace” feature that allows Whitespaces to be replaced with a character that matches your companies integration needs.

Taglynx has a URL Shortener integrated into the interface. Rather than copying and pasting the URL to another link shortening tool, you can shorten the link in Taglynx, saving time and effort. (Shortened URL clicks are available in real time).

Vanity URL’s allow companies to carry the brand name as part of the link name, even in a shortened URL version.

You have many resources at your disposal! Check out our product knowledge base, visit our quick start guide, or reach out to our fantasticsupport team at info@taglynx.com.

Absolutely! We’re happy to help! As part of our quick start solution, we will migrate your spreadsheets to Taglynx for Free (for paid customers). We also have integration services available for teams that are juggling too much, but need to get the job done.

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