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Irvin Rodriquez – Analytics Manager, M&C Saatchi

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Our Team


Joel Russell

CO-Founder, CEO

Since 2004, Joel has developed and managed digital analytic strategies for a variety of major Agencies and Companies in industries such as entertainment, non-profit, pharmaceutical and retail. Ensuring best practices for digital analytics, data integrity and reliable reporting is no easy task. But Joel takes very seriously the mashing of measurement & management, featuring the fusion of efficiency, automation and insights to achieve your digital objectives. He has worked with many web analytic teams, technical developers and marketing managers to determine “value”, not just “awareness”. From Disney, Hasbro, Sears, UCLA, Teaching Company, Fox and Sony Play station, Joel has helped senior management aligning their digital analytic strategy with their marketing goals and initiatives to get the code right and tell the real data story, growing many brands online.


Miguel Martinez

CO-Founder, Research & Discovery

The past 8 years, Miguel has worked with careful precision designing analytic strategies, fixing tracking code, and creating reports for many companies. Marketing managers have benefited from his expertise in tracking code implementation and audits. He is certified in both Google analytics and Adobe Analytics. His experience includes writing JavaScript and developing analytics tools.


Mohammed Kuko

Full Stack Developer

From planning, designing and implementing new features to bug fixes Mohammed can handle it. Mohammed is currently finishing his final year of a Computer Science bachelors and will be graduating as a Dean’s List Honoree. Eager to jump into the programming world Mohammed has already begun taking what he’s learned in the class and applying it to real world projects.


Tony Ho

QA Engineer

In addition to advanced Adobe Analytics skills, his talent with JavaScript and using Tag Management Systems offers the team a great resource for maintaining data integrity. Tony has been instrumental in creating Solution Design Documents (SDD) for DreamWorks Animation and helping True metrics develop a QA process for analytics on both Web pages and apps. Having graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in Computer Science, Tony is an avid follower of digital technology and data science. When Tony is not parsing the code for the right tracking variable, he likes to go to high performance driving events.


Zachary Taylor


Zach is a college student working toward a degree in electrical engineering. He hopes to one day be creating new and interesting electronics. Currently his job revolves around working with CRM tools and assisting around the office. Zach is learning Tableau in his free time. When he isn’t working or at school, he enjoys building electronics, sketching, playing video games, and spending time with family and friends.


Florin Oprina

Server Administrator

With 15+ years experience in Linux maintenance and administration, excellent computer skills and a penchant for geeky projects, Florin feels the best when he’s working on the command line, fixing some misbehaving ’ server. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and his portfolio includes several complex setups deployed on the AWS cloud. If he’s not configuring Linux servers, he’s probably out, on a long bicycle ride.


Nikita Aleksandrov

Graphic Designer

Nikita Alex can help you resolve any of your graphic design issues. This includes development and improvement of web pages; rebranding; creating icons, logos, illustrations and infographics. He also works in print media. A well-rounded individual, Nikita graduated from the Kiev University of Trades and Economics, majoring in International Economics, and speaks multiple languages. When Nikita is not designing, he plays guitar (preferring rock and metal) and attends soccer matches.


The Lynx

Shy. Keen sight. Excellent hearing. Rarely seen.

Aside from the clever play on words, we adopted the lynx in our brand identity because of the similarities between that majestic beast and what we offer. Lynx are ingenious and sly hunters, making their way silently through forests. Their primary prey are snowshoe hares, not an easy catch. Lynx will vigilantly lie in wait for hours to pounce on even a small morsel like a mouse. They have excellent hearing and speedy reflexes. Rarely spotted by humans, the big cat pads stealthily and easily on large paws through the frequent heavy snows of its northern habitat. Taglynx will quietly chase its prey for you in the wilds of cyberspace, efficiently collecting the information that will enhance your marketing success.


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