An Enterprise-Level Campaign Link-Building Solution

UTM Tracking for Google and Adobe Analytics

URL Builder for your
Analytics Tool

Create UTM Codes for Google Analytics Campaign
Tracking and other tools.

Adobe Analytics Logo , Google Analytics Logo
Automated Link Shortening

Auto Shorten
Your Links

Gives you a short, reliable and accurate link.
Easy to copy and Paste!

Highly Flexible
Campaign Tags

Create tags with dropdowns,
constants, textboxes and dates

Flexible Campaign Tags

Synchronize With
Team Members

Connects your tags and links
with your team in the cloud.

Cloud synchronization

Manage Multiple
Naming Conventions

Manage campaign tags for multiple
clients regardless of the tool they use.

Multiple naming conventions
Correct URL syntax that meet HTML standards

HTML Standards,
URL Syntax

Have peace of mind knowing
your URL has the correct syntax.

Disney is a Taglynx client is a Taglynx client
airbnb is a Taglynx client
M&CSAATCHI is a Taglynx client
Truemetrics is a Taglynx client