UTM Builder That Enables Teams to Create and Manage Naming Conventions

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Our Features

Multiple team members can create and manage customized naming conventions for all your tags.
Kiss your spreadsheets goodbye and show your boss an accurate report!

URL Builder for your Analytics Tool

Create UTM Codes for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and other tools.

Auto Shorten Your Links

Gives you a short, reliable, and accurate link. Easy to copy and paste!

Manage Multiple Naming Conventions

Manage campaign tags for multiple clients regardless of their analytics tool.

HTML Standards, URL Syntax

Have peace of mind knowing your URL
has the correct syntax.

Integrations Available

We offer Adobe SAINT Classifications,, and many more time saving solutions.

Synchronize With Team Members

Connect your tags and links with your team in the cloud.

“Taglynx is great for teams needing to do away with spreadsheets and get organized.”

Eddie Miller
Sr. Digital Analytics Engineer,

“It’s very useful and easy… it’s legit!”

Claudia Richstein
Social Media Manager, Airbnb


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